Airport Services

Project Management

We are on site during all stages of aeronautical equipment installation. We ensure that the required time schedules, cost constraints and quality standards are met.

Our services include:

Representation of the client as a single point of contact with the contractors
Construction schedule control
Quality assurance and control of deliverables
Supervision of the contractors to ensure compliance with the detailed design specifications and respective drawings

Field inspection to ensure activities are performed in accordance with the approved method statements and recognized codes of practice
Coordination of RFI
Resolving of changes within delegated authority
Progress reports


We help airport organizations to improve their BHS & HBS performance, primarily through the analysis of existing problems and development of plans for improvement. Our services vary from providing external and objective advice to working as a member of the client’s personnel during a one-time project, while not requiring the hire of more permanent employees.

We provide:

Feasibility studies
Functional Design Specifications
Performance Specifications
Surveys and audits
Contingency planning & risk assessments
Tender preparation for new systems, upgrades and maintenance services
Standard Operating Procedures, Maintenance procedures
Control optimization for improved BHS performance
Advice for adaptation to new technologies and upgrades

Commissioning management

Commissioning is a crucial process assuring that all systems and components of an airport are designed, installed, tested and operated according to the user specifications. The growing complexity of airport systems along with reduced tolerance of construction delays by the owner leads to a need for more efficient commissioning.

Our Company offers the following services as part of a successfully efficient commissioning management:

Works testing and materials acceptance control
List of deficiencies and record documentation follow up
Preparation, coordination and witnessing of Installation, Operational and Performance Qualifications testing on stand-alone and fully interfaced conditions
Verification of O&M manuals
Client instruction and progress reports

Operational Management & ORAT

We believe that a successful operation of an airport business is a complex task that requires a coherent and effective interface between airport operations, airlines, ground handlers and other business entities. Within this demanding environment, we offer our support and experience in setting up and managing an operating department for Technical Services & Facilities including the Baggage Handling System.

For Greenfield projects, a considerable cost and time saving is achieved through the Operational Readiness stage. LAS Solutions undertakes the role of technical systems advisor and maintenance controller for all airport related special systems. Examples of systems we have worked on are BHS, Passenger Boarding Bridges, Ground Power Units and Visual Docking Guidance Systems as well as for the building related equipment such as Building Management System, HVAC, Mechanical and Electrical Systems.

Bidding & Award Assistance

At LAS Solutions, we try to understand in depth the client’s issues and needs. Our specialists will work closely with your departments becoming part of your organization for the duration of the project. We represent your interests by adding value on the existing skills and expertise of your personnel while minimizing costs and delays.

Our services include:

Preparation of bidding documents for the supply & installation of airport related systems
Preparation of bidding documents for Operation and Maintenance of all airport related systems incorporating Service Level Agreements
Preparation of bidding documents for facilities management contracts
Preparation of Vendor shortlist for distribution of the RFI/RFP documents
Assistance during contract negotiations
Preparation of qualitative and quantitative evaluation procedures

Maintenance Management

We assist the airport in overcoming the difficulties of the startup period or peak periods and as long as required. This is succeeded by consulting your existing maintenance department or by setting-up and organizing a new one, if needed.

Our services include:

Organizational structure
Maintenance methodology and planning
Standard Operating & Failure Procedures
Maintenance auditing techniques and Performance Measuring Systems
Spare parts management and testing
Reporting structure
Training of your personnel
Advice on control optimization and upgrades