The human ear cannot hear sounds below 20 hertz and above 20 kilohertz. Ultrasonic sensors use microphones that detect sound at a frequency above 20 kilohertz, which is well above the human range of hearing. The received ultrasound is then converted or stepped down into an audible range and output to headphones for listening.

By listening to components at the 40 kilohertz range, we detect leaks in pressurized air supply systems, steam and gas lines as well as mechanical faults in bearings and steam traps.  High frequency sounds are more directional than lower frequency and the wave produced does not travel far from the source. This makes it easy to pinpoint the source even in the presence of other background noise.

The benefits of using LAS Solutions Ltd to conduct an Ultrasonic survey include:

  • No interruption to the systems and no power cut needed.
  • Every plant could save a significant percentage of their current energy waste by implementing a proper energy audit for leak detection in their air and/or steam supply lines.
  • Can detect electrical discharges including arcing and corona
  • Monitors bearings for early signs of wear and poor or over lubrication issues.
  • Provides a clear report with the findings and results of the survey.
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