PROFIBUS DP (Decentralized Peripherals) is a single, standardized communication protocol used to operate sensors and actuators via a centralized controller (CPU) in automation applications.

The uninterruptable operation of a system is depending on the proper functionality of the PROFIBUS system.  Component ageing and environmental influences may have an impact in its operation, usually initially expressed with sporadic errors and then with complete system breakdown.

We follow the discussed protocol to prevent failures and be proactive for any kind of future problems. We use cyclic measurements of the physical and logic communication that reveal the actual fieldbus quality with PROFIBUS measurement tools.

Following measurements will be performed and documented to a final report:

  • Determination of wired cable line quality (such as line length, impedance, maximum shield current)
  • Signal shape evaluation diagnosis (glitches, minimum and maximum signal quality, signal edges)
  • Test of correct terminator function
  • Topology map of existing installation
  • Detection of retry and error telegrams, device messages and device losses

Each PROFIBUS segment will be checked, evaluated and documented separately.

Some of these specific measurements could be applied only when the installation is not in operation.

The advantages of PROFIBUS Health Check:

  • Ensure reliable PROFIBUS performance and operation.
  • Detect potential malfunctions and react preventively.
  • Detect problematic equipment on breakdowns.

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