Power quality monitoring is an essential service we perform for our customers. Because of the technology and software available today, this monitoring is a highly-effective means to detect, solve, and even prevent problems on customer electrical systems. Not only can a monitoring system provide information about system disturbances and their possible causes, it can also detect problem conditions throughout the system before they cause equipment malfunctions and even equipment damage or failure.

Portable power quality monitors are used for measurements of voltage, current, active and reactive power, power factor, harmonics as well as related indices and parameters according to the EN 50160 and 61000 standards. The equipment used is capable of capturing both transient disturbances and steady-state variations. It is supported by a special software tool for analyzing and visualizing data, for event classification and report writing.

The measurements will be typically performed over a period of one full week. Analytical reports are delivered, including tables and graphs for all the measured quantities and their indices (voltage, current, power, power factor, harmonics, voltage and current THD, unbalances). All the recordings are exported to Excel sheets for further post-processing.

The advantages  

  • Ensure equipment performance
  • Detect electrical maintenance problems such as harmonics
  • Evaluate system’s power consumption

Make decisions based on documented trend

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