LAS Solutions Ltd is strategically oriented to its development both in Greece and abroad. We always prioritize the provision of services that meet the demands of our customers, the respect for humans and the environment. Therefore, we install and operate a Management System in acordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007. 

The approach for quality, environment and health and safety at work are continuous and strictly defined procedures that guarantee the consistent presence of the company in its area of activity:

Project Management. Technical Maintenance and Support Services, Management and Operation of Automated Warehouse and Airport Systems. Design, Technical Consulting Services in the Above Sectors.

6 main reason for motivation in this corporate philosophy:

  • the pursuit for improvement of the internal operating system.

  • the acquisition of know-how so as to complete the work and meet the needs and requirements of the clients.

  • creating an external communication “channel” at all levels to ensure both the clear presentation of third-party requirements and the clear statement by the company of how these are covered as well as the protection of the environment and the customer.

  • the training and utilization of human resources.

  • the prudent and rational use of natural resources, while minimizing the negative impact of the company’s activities on the environment.

  • ensuring the protection of the health and safety of its employees, partners, local communities and the public.

In the context of continuous improvement of the System, the Management sets targets for quality, general development, environment and health and safety at work. These are reviewed annually in terms of their degree of implementation while new targets are approved or previous ones are being modified depending on the company's performance and the new conditions in its field of action.

The company is committed to:

  • systematic monitoring and fulfillment of applicable quality requirements.

  • systematic monitoring, assessment of compliance and fulfillment of the environmental requirements and immediate correction of any non-compliance.

  • systematic monitoring, compliance assessment and abidance with legal and other Health and Safety requirements at Work and immediate correction of any non-compliance.

  • ensure that operations are performed in accordance with compliance obligations.

  • systematic identifying, assessing, preventing, controlling and mitigating adverse environmental and health and safety consequences arising from its activities.

  • the minimization and rational management of the waste generated and the increase of the materials to be recycled, compared to those available for disposal.

  • the protection of the natural environment from the harmful change and degradation caused by its activities and services.

  • the adaptation to climate change, biodiversity and systems protection as well as rehabilitation.

  • informing and encouraging its staff to actively participate, at individual and team level, in the improvement of the working environment and in environmental protection actions in the field of its activity.

  • ensure the protection of the environment as well as the health and safety of its employees, associates, the local community and the public and the prevention of accidents and occupational diseases.

  • the safe and effective management of all elements, data and information that may be brought to its knowledge when working with customers, their management exclusively by competent persons and based on ethics, their non-disclosure to third parties for any reason.

  • making a continuous effort to market quality services and the placement of quality products with the ultimate goal of increasing customer satisfaction and improving competitiveness.

  • systematically informing the company about the developments in the sector in which it operates, or which concern the company's sector of activity.

  • the development of harmonious cooperation bonds with its customers and suppliers as well as the expansion of coverage in the Greek and international markets.

  • the continuous improvement of the quality of services and products provided and the working conditions, the way of dealing with the environment as well as the Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety Management System itself through the development of the evaluation of procedures and related indicators, to improve performance for quality, environment and Health and Safety at Work.

  • promoting open dialogue and informing the interested parties in a spirit of honest and mutual respect.

As a result of the above, the Company's management is committed to active participation in the implementation of the System and the provision of resources at every level (human - material - financial) that will contribute to its continuous improvement.

The Shareholders

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