Logistics Sector

We Design-Deliver-Support 

At LAS Solutions, our mission is to apply our expertise and extensive experience to design, deliver and support sophisticated material handling solutions. We assist you in moving your products to their final customers faster, more efficiently with the lowest possible risk.

Our expertise comes from different industries and various technologies concerning material handling. We have dealt with various complex projects related to the airport logistics, the wholesale warehouses and production processes. We have valuable in-house experience in IT and automation technologies covering most of the global market suppliers. Hence, we increase your operational performance, improve speed and reliability of processes while boosting your cost-effectiveness.

What We Do

Phase 1 - Building a trust relationship with our customers

We start by listening; developing a partnership with our customers founded on an understanding of their business needs, constraints and objectives.

Phase 2 – Feasibility Study

Our engineers study thoroughly the need for change and adaptation to new technologies and formulate concepts using in-house or 3rd party best practice products.

Phase 3 - Solution Design

We propose alternatives targeting the optimum design that meets the performance and functional requirements. We work with the client closely all the way.

Phase 4 - Implementation

We follow up and supervise the delivery and installation of the systems designed.

Phase 5 - Test & Commissioning

We test & commission the systems to ensure that all systems and components of the logistics solution function according to the operational requirements of the owner.

Phase 6 - Training

Our engineers will train thoroughly your employees in operating and maintaining the installed systems.

Phase 7 - Customer Service

Finally, we ensure that your investment remains at optimum performance by providing after sales service and support.